Whether it’s giving a tired border a makeover or re-designing your entire garden area, my services are flexible and scaleable to your unique requirements.

My Services

Complete re-design
From new builds to complete renovations, I can provide a complete service to bring your new outdoor space to life.

Planting schemes
I create schemes for all gardens. Including detailed planting layouts, quantities, and the supply of beautiful plants. All tailored to your unique space and needs.

I can come and talk through your wishes and provide suggestions and advice, based on your requirements, to aid the design of your new outdoor space.

Garden Maintenance
In recent times I have become more specialised in the management of large gardens for private owners and exclusive holiday rentals where I manage solely, all of the associated works to ensure your outdoor space is pristine for the arrival of guests.


Design Process

The design process will of course vary from project to project, however will largely follow the following format.

Initial meeting
This is the first visit I will make to your home. It’s the perfect time for me to look at the proposed garden space, the environment and surroundings.

Client brief
I will meet with you to discuss your ideas and to really understand your requirements and vision for the project. 

Site Analysis/Survey
In order to start the design, I will need to visit and take comprehensive measurements of the house and garden.

Concept design
I will create visual representations of the design ideas we have discussed. These will be presented to you before the final design is prepared. 

Detailed plans
Scale plans detailed enough for your selected contractor to construct their design.

Planting design
Basic planting will be covered in the scale plans if we are working to a complete re-design. However, specific planting schemes are available, all including soil type analysis, aspect and maintenance plans.

Ongoing garden management
If required, I can create a realistic guide and plan of how to maintain the garden after its created. How many hours to maintain, costs, yearly job schedule and so forth.


For more information on how I can help you and your garden, please do not hesitate to contact me via or 07500 400 475